We learn from each other in a give and take relationship.
One of many places for informal learning.



/// The world is an action of interactions, meetings, development, insight, change and collaborations. Or taken even further; The world is wild forms of teaching strategies.
This outlook has made both my life and my teaching more open and exciting. I have had the opportunity to use and express myself in various art and teaching situations. I have been the chef of death. I have been a writer, actor, explorer, cartoonist, a sandwich making artist, and a roof climber. All of these careers have pushed me into a holistic and slightly chaotic analytical direction that have opened up ideas on teaching and learning through playing and experimenting with what and how art can be created. In the beginning of my understanding of this way of living I became frightened. I was afraid of the feeling of nausea by the never ending movement of the world and time. I knew that I choose the right direction for how I wanted to live and create, but at the same time I got scared by the endless possibilities of this process of thinking. It was too chaotic for me. So I realized I needed a framework and structure to hold on to. This frame turned out to be a place on
the Internet called

This internet page and publication takes care of the myth making as part of its art practise. We create and feed the myth about us and our art and write our
own history. This is real, this is the story and this is why we can not stay indoors any more.

Fredric Gunve