In art and teaching, the process, method and experience is equal important as the result. It is about how to live, act and do, not about getting a good grade or a fancy show. In my case, performance, interaction and participatory art is the best way to act out different examples for how things can be done. By using a combination of teaching and art, I connect myself and the participants to an art form that directly deals with life and situations. My teaching and art are animistic in the sense that I try to engage in different physical experiences in connection to theory. It is to bring life and an action of being an example of how life can be lived in a creative manner.

A Quest.
Feel the massive flow of information, of senses and experiences, hands reaching, touching, wild zapping on the TV-machine, adventure mazes, cosmic colors and maximalism. Hear the different voices, all speaking at the same time. We are looking for a safe path that will lead us in our search.