Vränga _ Regn, Kajsa G. Eriksson, Fredric Gunve

vränga=REGN A future scenario of never ending RAIN.
    (vränga/ turn inside out)
    vränga= is a concept and collaboration between the artists Fredric Gunve and Kajsa G. Eriksson.


vränga=RAIN is a performed exploration and a scenario where the RAIN never ends. It is a collaboration between the artists Kajsa G. Eriksson and Fredric Gunve.
We have turned the beautiful environment of Dalsland inside out and created a catastrophic scenario where the rain never stops. Through the creation of scenarios by using workshops, artifacts and writings of texts we are merging art and life.
By living through and being inside the work itself we are trying to create a sensual understanding of possible futures.
The documentation of the work are transformed and published as a deck of cards and a fictional text.

The 44 cards and parts of the text were presented during 44 days on facebook in the summer of 2011.

The rain was pouring down. Heavy, thick raindrops hammered hard on pine trees, roofs, cars. On moose, deer, strollers and timber workers.
Lengthway wood paths and concrete roads water was flowing in newly made rivers. Cars with almost blind drivers skid slowly ahead through the streams of water from heaven.
Basements were flooded and filled with water. Lawns were transformed to shallow green pools.
Two weeks later the rain calmed down. The day after it rained persistently again. It rained for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine weeks more.
The rain never stopped.
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where REGN have been presented:
REGN takes part in Fashionshop, Motala Konsthall, Motala 18 June - 25 August 2012
REGN takes part in Fashionshop and Fashiontalk, an exhibition and two seminars at Arkitekturmuseet, Exhibition 7-26 Feburary 4 March – Fashiontalk 7 and 25 February, 2012

Textival har glädjen att presentera: vränga=REGN
Tisdagen 20 september. 15.00. Bakom turistinformationen, Nordstan, Göteborg 2011

Bild från läsningen och release av REGN på Steneby, Konsthantverk och Design, Dals Långed måndagen 7 november. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197260683685674&set=a.

Bild från för-release 6 november på Not Quites café och bistro, Fengersfors.


vränga= HAMN (Harbor) the flight from the rain.


”Vi färdas utmed vattenvägarna, det är det som funkar bäst. Vi reser med vårt bagage bestående av papper, textilier och färg. Att hålla oss torra och att hitta drickbart vatten bland allt smutsigt är absolut nödvändigt. Vi letar och längtar efter att hitta ett hem, en hamn där vi kan stanna. Utmed vägen söker vi hamnar och tillfälliga hem för att torka och vila.”

( We travel along the waterways, that is what works best. We travel with our luggage made of paper, textiles and color. To keep us dry and finding drinkable water among all the dirty is absolutely necessary. We are looking and longing to find a home, a port where we can stay. Along the way we are looking for ports and temporary home to dry and rest.
Google translate
We fleed from the rain.
We took refuge in three different institution on our journy south.

Not Quite i Fengersfors, Dalsland, 2011 11 02 – 2011 11 06
Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, Bohuslän 2011 11 15 – 2011 11 19
Frölunda Kulturhus, Västra Frölunda, Göteborg 2011 11 29 - 2011 12 02


We have draged our lugage through the river Styx.

vränga=HAMN på Nordiska Akvarellmuseet